As many already know, I used to have sleep apnea . According to the doctors , I was at risk of a heart attack during sleep . Sleep apnea is a respiratory arrest lasting 10 to 30 seconds occurring during sleep . I was always tired and dizzy ; It was hard concentrating and I had memory loss .

Also, I took a lot … a lot of weight … I began to recover my energy when I started the use of a respirator that allowed me to control my apnea, but I was still bothered by the weight gained during the past year. I was complexed to the point that I was not really loving me. I was not well and this, believe me, this is one of the worst feelings.

Until the day when Miguel Coulombe, personal trainer and founder of FittConnexion, wrote me a message. He noticed seeing my old photos. I always had a athletic physical and I seemed to be someone concerned about his health and fitness. I agreed that we meet to see if he could help me achieve my objective to lose 50 lbs while maintaining my muscle mass.

On 3 January 2016, I began my transformation. As you have probably heard, food comes play a major role in weight loss. My coach prepared a customized meal plan and a training program tailored to my needs and objective. During those six months, I often bawled, I sacrificed a lot and I really gave my 100% to achieve this transformation.

Today I am proud to have succeeded. Thank you to my trainer and life coach, I now consider it a very good friend, Miguel Coulombe FittConnexion. When you really want something, you can have it. My goal was to lose 50 lbs, I have lost 54 lbs in 6 months. I’m happy and I’m healthy more than ever.