Isolat New-Zeland – ATP (2 lbs)


High biological value protein isolate

Not your everyday protein shake


This unique blend brings together the quality and great taste of whey protein. Its high biological value allows for complete assimilation into the body and promotes muscle and immune system recovery. The Ultra and Micro filtration processes used in the making of this formula maintain the integrity of the active ingredients, resulting in a product of the highest quality.

Supports formation and maintenance of tissue
Increases muscle mass
Improves sport and workout performance
Stimulates antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity
Encourages detoxification and chelation of heavy metals
Boosts immunity better than most proteins
Helps regulate appetite
Protects against catabolism due to stress and physical exertion
Quick dissolving
Unbeatable purity and quality
Fast bioavailability

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Vanilla, Chocolate, Berry