How it works ?

Fitt2Go Custom Training and Nutrition Package software that offers a 100% online solution customized to meet your goals:

  • Updates and follow up of your training program every 30 days
  • Unlimited communication system with your personal trainer for your questions
  • View your personalized training programs
  • Consultation of your exercises with images and animations
  • All at your fingertips at all times on your phone, tablet or computer

Please complete the customization form below, once the transaction is made you will receive your access information to the software with your plans in the next 24h to 48h business day.

By buying this product on FittConnexion you can at all times:

  • Change package (upgrade or downgrade).
  • Cancel your subscription without hidden costs.
  • Suspend your subscription toll free for a period of 12 months to keep your data.
  • Pay $ 6.95 / month to keep the Fitt2Go software and all its features without getting renewals programs and follow up.
  • No tie, no catch … it’s up to you!

To make one of the above changes, simply write to us at: or call us at: 514.586.0240